Så förbättrar försäkringsbolag sjukvård för spansktalande genom webbplatsöversättning

Organisationer räddar liv och får fler medlemmar genom att använda digitala översättningslösningar som är bäst i klassen.

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17 mars 2021


Hispanics have the highest uninsured rates of any racial or ethnic group within the United States. One in five Hispanics under the age of 65 report having no health insurance coverage. Nearly 10% of Hispanic children are uninsured.

A convergence of social factors contribute to this disparity, but the language barrier plays a singular and significant role. Seventy-two percent of Hispanics speak a language other than English at home; 30% say they’re not fluent in English.

Since most insurers’ websites and digital content are available exclusively in English, many Hispanics struggle to obtain insurance. That means they’re less likely to have had a healthcare visit within the past two years, are more likely to get sick, and are less satisfied with the amount of time spent with their doctors.

But health insurers can quickly turn this around. By translating their websites and member portals for Spanish-speaking residents, they can help close this longtime healthcare gap … and generate dramatic increases in member acquisition and retention in the process.

Five of the nation’s Top 10 health insurers use MotionPoint’s website and digital content translation solution to serve their Spanish-speaking members. They’ve told us our solution is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to connect with this valuable market segment online.

The Opportunity, and the Answer

Hispanics represent an ever-growing and economically thriving group within the U.S. They represent over 18% of the country’s population; their overall buying power is larger than the GDP of Australia. They spend about $10 billion on health, wellness, prescription drugs and over-the-counter products.

By eliminating the language barrier, MotionPoint’s solution empowers health insurers to dramatically improve insurance adoption rates—and the quality of life—for Hispanics.

Unlike all other approaches, MotionPoint completely handles the translation, deployment and ongoing management of multilingual websites and member portals, with no ongoing IT effort from our customers. We offer bespoke technology-independent solutions, CMS connectors and an API to ensure full compatibility with your website’s technology stack.

Some key differentiators of MotionPoint’s flexible, managed technology platform include:

Speed at Launch: We translate websites and member portals in as little as 30 days.

Speed on a Continual Basis: After launch, any new content is automatically detected, translated and deployed in about one business day.

Comprehensive: Our solution detects, translates and deploys a full range of digital content, including text, images, multimedia, metadata, third-party applications and more.

Technology Independent: Our solution works with any site or programming language, and is compatible with any CMS, third-party platform, e-commerce solution and more.

MotionPoint FAQs

Here are some answers to common questions health insurance providers have about MotionPoint’s effortless solution:

Will my translated website deliver a full customer experience?

Your translated websites will use the same code that controls the look, feel and functionality of your origin website. Visitors to your translated website would receive the same robust CX, in their preferred languages.

Can my translated website be tracked to measure performance?

MotionPoint can measure the performance of your translated websites, or enable the placement of other tracking codes, should you prefer to use your own analytics platform.

Can MotionPoint handle dynamically generated, location-based content?

Our technology can detect and translate dynamic content, including content generated based on location. Insurers that display visitors' state and city-specific content on their origin websites can provide the same customized content on translated websites.

Is MotionPoint’s solution secure and HIPAA compliant?

MotionPoint follows rigorous security protocols and is compliant with regulatory standards such as HIPAA. Our solution does not view or store your customers' personal information anywhere, at any time. We also employ secure encryption practices to safeguard sensitive data.

Can my translated website handle high-demand traffic?

MotionPoint's translation servers and technologies are built to handle the massive traffic of high-demand periods such annual insurance enrollment. Our resilient technology ensures that if your origin site is up and running, visitors will be able to access your translated website, no matter how high the demand.

Can a project’s scope be scaled back after Open Enrollment?

MotionPoint customers fully control the scopes of their translation projects. Insurers can decrease or increase the scope based on business needs after Open Enrollment, or at any time.

Will my translated website be SEO-friendly?

MotionPoint-powered sites are optimized with localized keywords, and are fully crawlable by search engines. This ensures your translated websites are just as SEO-friendly as as your origin website.

Can MotionPoint’s solution detect and translate PDFs that are hosted on the website?

Unlike other translation solutions, our technology can detect and translate all translatable content no matter where it lives on the website. This includes all text, images, multimedia and PDFs. We translate offline content and traditional marketing materials, too.


For health insurance providers eager to accept Spanish-speaking members now and during annual election periodS, MotionPoint’s solution is the fastest, effortless option.

In as little as 30 days—with minimal involvement from you and your team—you can have a fully-functioning website that’s ready to welcome and serve Spanish-speaking members.

Contact us today to learn how to get started.

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