Adaptive Translation™

Reduce Human Translation Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

MotionPoint’s Adaptive Translation™ delivers human-quality translations at a fraction of the cost by utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Translation Memory, and Algorithmic Translation.

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What Is Adaptive Translation™?

Adaptive Translation™ is composed of three technological elements, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Algorithmic Translation, and Translation Memory, plus one optional human-layer of translation review. These smartly engineered components of Adaptive Translation™ work in conjunction to deliver a human-quality translation outcome while minimizing actual human translation costs.

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When MotionPoint’s platform detects new content on your site, it automatically sends it off for Adaptive Translation™

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Translation Memory

Translation Memory is a database that contains every phrase that's been translated for a localized website. Each phrase is translated only once by linguists. Once stored in the translation memory, this content can be re-published hundreds-or thousands-of times at no additional cost. When leveraged properly, Translation Memory enables instant, automatic website translation, while preserving brand voice and cultural nuances.

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Algorithmic Translation

Algorithmic Translation identifies similar repetitive patterns or terms in your content and automatically translates them. This helps deliver faster, more accurate human quality translations across your website while reducing costs.

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Artificial Intelligence

With Adaptive Translation™ there are two types of Artificial Intelligence: Generic Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and Brand Adaptive NMT.

Generic NMT models, like Google Translate can accurately translate basic sentence pairs. Their translation quality is not free of mistakes but gets closer to human translation quality every day.

Brand Adaptive NMT is trained specifically from your previous human translations, glossary, and style guide. We continuously improve your Brand Adaptive NMT model with each new human quality translation added to your translation memory.

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Human in the Loop Post-Editing 

Adaptive Translation™ should have your content accurately translated, localized, and ready to launch. But to ensure the best translation quality, an additional step is offered where professional translators, experts in your brand and industry, enrich your translations for maximum accuracy.

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Better Initial Conversions with Adaptive Translation™

The initial conversion from your origin language into your secondary languages is the foundation of your website translation project. With Adaptive Translation™, your initial translation will be more accurate than with other machine translation technologies, ensuring you need less expensive human translation in the future.

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The Benefits of MotionPoint’s Adaptive Translation™

Adaptive Translation™ has the potential to shift the way organizations across industries think about content translation and localization. Adaptive Translation™ limits the number of words that need to be translated by a human being, which results in big savings on translation costs over time while still receiving human-quality translation services.

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Companies could save over 60% on human translation costs without sacrificing quality.

Predictable translation costs ensure price transparency and reliability for your organization.

Cost-efficiencies that scale. Pay less and less for human translation as you grow.

New multilingual websites are translated and published in 60 days or less.

New content updates are translated and deployed in one business day.

Pain Points Adaptive Translation™ Solves

Leverage MotionPoint’s technology to pay less for human-quality translation and enable your team to get their translation done faster by:
AI & Algorithmic

Eliminate unnecessary work for your internal teams by leveraging the full power of Brand Adaptive NMT and Algorithmic Translation technology.

Translation Flexibility
and Control

Strategically leverage machine translation (Brand Adaptive NMT or Generic NMT) and human translation in any given web page, to help control costs.


Hands-off, real-time translation ensures the fastest turn around time in the industry without burdening your team.

Quality Brand

With Adaptive Translation™ your Brand Adaptive NMT is continuously refined to your preferred brand voice, tone, and message.

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