Hur fungerar MotionPoints proxybaserade teknik?

When choosing a website translation technology, you should consider factors like cost, efficiency, control, and quality.

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23 augusti 2023


Website translation proxies are the most efficient, effective way to localize websites. Proxy servers use algorithms to store translated content separately. They only show this content to users when needed. This is a good alternative to creating a whole new website.

That sounds useful enough, but how does proxy translation actually work? Let’s take a closer look. 

Kod vs. Innehåll

MotionPoints proxyöversättning technology can separate a website’s translatable content from its code, making it easier to translate.

MotionPoints proxy technology analyzes the code of your site at the start of a website translation project. It identifies the content that translators need to translate.

Sökroboten identifierar översättningsbart innehåll inom HTML, CSSm JavScript, JSON, XML och andra webbspråk. Den detekterar även innehåll inom SEO-relaterade element (exempelvis metataggar, attributtaggar, Itemprop och annan strukturell data).

Top proxy solutions can find translatable content in various formats like PDFs and apps. They can also translate dynamic content, embedded applications, and content from third-party apps, like customer reviews or A/B testing platforms.  

Den viktiga fördelen med MotionPoints proxyteknik är att den har en förmåga att urskilja en webbplats översättningsbara innehåll från dess kod.

The proxy technology then separates this content into easily translatable chunks called segments. (This helps avoid translating the same content more than once.) We translate, check, and store the text in a separate database, which is not connected to your CMS, for accuracy and quality. The crawler also identifies pieces of website code.

Keeping code and content separate means only the parts that can be translated on your website are changed. Keeping code and content separate allows for only the translatable parts of the website to be modified. This ensures that the website's code and structure remain unchanged. As a result, the website will maintain its original appearance and functionality when accessed through the proxy server.

Hur det fungerar: Steg för steg

When a user from another country wants to view your website in their language, they have two options. They can either select their preferred language from a menu or search for it. By doing so, they instruct the proxy technology to display a your translated web content.

MotionPoints möjligheter till "språkbyte" sker omedelbart, och ger en sömlös lokaliserad UX för globala användare.

The website translation proxy replaces English content with translated content in the requested language. It also keeps the code, appearance, and function up to date. The entire process is instant, which makes the content substitution undetectable to the user.

The proxyöversättning technology does not alter or interfere with your primary site or its code in any way. It acts only as a "pass through" to grab the appropriate translated text on the way to displaying your website to a global visitor.

Dynamically Generated Content

Många proxylösningar stannar där. MotionPoints website translation proxy can do more, even adapting dynamic content for a personalized experience for international users.

MotionPoints proxy technology can translate content that is created instantly by product inventory or single-page applications. These applications may use AJAX requests to display dynamic content.

The proxy identifies details about the visitor, such as their location, search history, and browsing history. It then sends this information to your website's backend. This enables you to display personalized content to the user. This allows you to show the user the personalized content they need.

The proxy technology sends a cookie or session ID to your backend. This is done to display the correct products to a user in a specific global market. The server shows the user translated content in real-time using a proxy, keeping the original context intact.

Det är en möjlighet som gör MotionPoint annorlunda - och som gör proxytekniken speciellt kraftfull för dina globala affärer.

Effektivitet och skalbarhet

Självklart förändras alltid kraven och behoven för din webbplats. MotionPoints teknik är designad för att tillgodose denna flexibilitet.

For instance, you’ll never have to worry about translation when you add new content to your flagship website. MotionPoints proxy detects changes and adds content for translation and storage in your memory.

Dessutom är ditt översatta innehåll alltid lagrat på din egna säkra översättningsserver. You can dedicate or share this based on your preference and needs. MotionPoint also offers load-balanced environments for extra redundancies.

Medan din verksamhet växer, växer också kraven på flerspråkiga webbplatser - och proxytekniken är en perfekt hjälp med det. Vi arbetar med dig varje år för att utvärdera din webbplatsprestanda och förutspå din tillväxt och dina ökade webbplatsbehov. Det inkluderar optimering av serveranvändning för att anpassas efter din verksamhets behov och budget.

Choose the Experts in Proxy Technology

Not all translation proxy services have the same level of quality. MotionPoints MP Core proxy approach simplifies web localization. It handles all the technical and operational complexity for you, eliminating the need to keep track of the details.

We handle proxy translation with greater power, speed, and advanced technical solutions, providing a seamless experience for your users.

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