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Låt denna nya e-bok hjälpa dig att bli framgångsrik på mobile first-marknader

Globalt användande av smarttelefoner skjuter i höjden. Drar du nytta av denna trend för att maximera e-handelsförsäljningen av mobiltelefoner?

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09 november 2016


For an ever-growing number of global consumers, the mobile web is the best way to experience online content. Smartphones are much cheaper than desktop PCs in these emerging markets (and increasingly, in mature markets, too!). Cellular data infrastructures are also much easier and cheaper to deploy and maintain than landlines.

This translates into a powerful and tantalizing opportunity for expanding businesses. We’ve long known that serving global consumers in their languages of choice is a mission-critical step to achieving success in new markets. But it’s not the only step. Serving them on their devices of choice is equally imperative.

But which mobile-first markets are worth pursuing … and what best practices exist to smartly serve these new global customers? Get a thoughtful, useful primer in our latest e-book, The Mobile Opportunity in Emerging Markets:

This free e-book provides insights not only on great mobile-first markets, but also how nuanced translations on mobile-friendly sites can generate increased sales. You'll also discover helpful ways to avoid high bounce rates, and see how other companies have mastered mobile-first engagement to achieve international m-commerce success.

Download the free e-book today, to get cracking on your online expansion efforts in emerging mobile-first markets!

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