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MotionPoints SVP delar i Retail Insider med sig av insikter om kineser i Kanada

Företag baserade i Kanada kan vinna stort på att tillgodose landets ”mest eftersökta medborgare”, skriver en chef på MotionPoint.

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28 augusti 2015


Canadian-based companies can win big by smartly catering to what analysts call the country’s “most sought-after citizens,” writes Charles Whiteman in a recent post at Retail Insider.

Whiteman, MotionPoint’s SVP of Client Services, shared his insights on Chinese Canadians, who produce an increasingly important cultural, social and economic impact within the country.

Well-educated, increasingly affluent and growing (a 2013 study suggests the Chinese Canadian population will dramatically increase in key cities in the next 15 years), this market is ideal to court with Chinese-language websites.

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