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Informationsgrafik: Förklaring av shoppingfenomenet "Jikgu"

Sydkoreaner spenderar mycket pengar på USA:s e-handelswebbplatser och de betalar gladeligen internationella fraktkostnader och importavgifter också. Lär dig mer om detta i denna informationsgrafik.

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Chris Hutchins

29 april 2015


If you're a U.S. retailer looking to expand into new online markets, you'd be wise to consider South Korea. South Koreans are spending more and more of their money at U.S. e-commerce websites. They're happily paying international shipping rates and tariffs for those products, too.

Why? Learn all about it in the infographic below. When you’re done, check out our recent in-depth coverage of this fascinating shopping phenomenon.

If you’re keen for even more market intel, contact us. We’ll help you understand the South Korean market, and how to expand there online, affordably.

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