Colombia håller på att bli en het tillväxtmarknad för e-handel, uppger MotionPoints Senior Vice President till Latin Trade

Det är tack vare ekonomisk tillväxt, statliga reformer och en växande medelklass som ett dussintal amerikanska varumärken expanderar online i Colombia, skriver en chef på MotionPoint. Det kan ditt varumärke också göra.

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19 oktober 2015


Thanks to economic growth, governmental reform and a growing middle class, dozens of iconic fashion retailers - and other well-known brands in other industries - are expanding into Colombia. This makes it an ideal market for expanding e-commerce companies to consider, writes Charles Whiteman in a recent post at Latin Trade.

Colombia now has the third-largest economy in Latin America (surpassed only by Brazil and Mexico), wrote Whiteman, MotionPoint's SVP of client services. In the past 15 years, the country's GDP (PPP) grew from $120 billion to nearly $700 billion. Poverty levels dropped more than half during the same time period.

Internet use and smartphone penetration is growing rapidly, too, making Colombia a worthy market to investigate and invest in. This market is increasingly comfortable in making purchases online.

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